Evolution of the notion "security" in the labor code

  • Security legislation
  • Legal issues of workplace safety

Employer's obligation to health / safety

  • The legal responsibility of the employer: transfer of responsibility
  • Civil and criminal liability
  • The 9 principles of prevention and the challenge of the Unique Risk Assessment Document

Establishment and constitution of the CHSCT

  • Legal framework
  • Formalities relating to the termination and closure of the CHSCT
  • Conditions in case of absence of CHSCT in the company

The composition of CHSCT and its various missions

  • The actors and collaborators of the CHSCT (internal and external actors)
  • The missions and activities of the CHSCT: sample minutes
  • The designation of CHSCT members and example of CHSCT rules of procedure
  • The procedures for carrying out the missions
  • Protection for CHSCT members

Accident at work / Occupational disease: what is the cost for the company?

  • The economic challenge of companies
  • The distinction direct cost / indirect cost
  • The annual program for the prevention of occupational risks

The different stages of the "post accident" investigation

  • The progress of an investigation: from the visit of the accident site to the analysis of the testimonies
  • The tree of causes

Risks related to the work environment

Program varies according to the choice and field of activity of trainees for the last half day of the 3 days

Stress prevention policy and means of action in 6 steps

Revisions in detail of some points raised during the three days of training

Prevention of arduousness at work

Get involved on a daily basis in risk prevention:

concept revisions s views the first 3 days and detailed study of single software s risk analysis

propose and monitor actions on a company-specific action plan

promote safety among employees through various role plays and practical situations


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